Bullets & Ballots

Peace & War


Throughout this simulation, you could see some of the best displays of cooperation. The U.S. and the Army & Wealthy made an alliance from the beginning, which wasn't broken during the whole game. The peasants also were extremely cooperative during the game. Considering they had no military strength whatsoever, their best bet was to make alliances and cooperate in order to gain MSU's, and that is what they did. They created enticing deals with anyone they encountered, and those with military power took the bait for the double valued votes guaranteed by the peasants. And lastly, an alliance was made between the Guerrillas and the Government in order to overthrow the Army & Wealthy. It it wasn't for the A&W's alliance with America, they would have never regained power.


During the game, the biggest form of conflict was shown between the Guerrillas and the alliance of the U.S. and Army & Wealthy. The Guerrillas intended on taking over the Army & Wealthy in order to gain the country's power, but the A&W had the worlds most powerful nation on their side, so the Guerrillas were unsuccessful in maintaining full control. Lots of violence did in fact occur, enough to compensate for all the cooperation. Takeover cards were used by the Guerrillas on the A&W, and a silencing took place; from the A&W on one of the Guerrillas' members. Since the Guerrillas were essentially the rebels, and they were unsatisfied with the set government they caused corruption throughout the country; causing havoc and taking war-like actions on the Army & Wealthy. And after all this chaos, the government ended up with eh same group in charge as it started.