Seria: Japan's Best 100-Yen Shop!

Seria - Color the Days

Seria is Japan's Classiest and Best 100 Yen Shop: Perfect for visiting tourists!

Seria offers a wide variety of products, from stationary to toys to tableware, flowers, and gardening gear!

Great Products, all for 100 Yen!

Featured Product: USB Micro SD Card Reader

USB 2.0 Micro SD Card Reader for transferring data of Micro SD storage devices. Perfect for transferring camera photos and just ¥100!

Seria - Shinjiku Marui Annex Shop

The Seria Shinjiku Marui Annex Shop is located right in the heart of Tokyo, inside the Marui Annex Center on Shinjiku Dori, and within easy walking distance of Shinjiku train station!
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