Mrs. Papiez's Newsletter

May 15- May 19

Last Newsletter

Dear Parents,

I can't believe that the school year is almost over this will be the last newsletter of the school year. Next week I will be sending a farewell email.

Thank you for everything that you do !!


This week we finished discussing time and took our last math test on Time. We have started learning about shapes in our last unit Geometry. We will continue this next week with creating 3D shapes.

Target goals:

Students will be able to tell time to the hour and half hour.


Story of the week: Ruth Law Thrills a Nation

This week we worked on using text evidence to answers questions in our ReadWorks passages.


This week the students finished working on their animal research projects. We have begun sharing our research with our classmates. As soon as the students share their stories I will send them home.


This week the students learned about the parts of a bee and pollination.

Dates to Remember

Monday, May 22nd - 2nd grade Field Trip

Tuesday, May 23rd- Movie Day

Wednesday, May 24th- 2nd grade Picnic

Thursday, May 25th- Game day in the afternoon

Friday, May 26th- Last Day of School

Additional Reminders

Every day we have been reading our poem of the week. This is kept in our poetry folder and serves as a part of our reading fluency practice. As a class we practice the poem every day and each week we have a new poem. The homework on Fridays will be Poetry Folder, students will bring home their folder and need to read it to an adult, please sign the page, complete any unfinished activities, and have your student bring the folder back to school on Mondays.

A-Z countdown

May 22nd


Video Day: We will watch an educational video today!

May 23rd


Wiggle and Giggle: Play Freeze Dance!

May 24th


Xtreme Desk Makeover Day: Clean up our desks.

May 25th and 26th


Year End and Zoom into Summer: Zip up our backpacks and zoom into summer!