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April 17, 2020

Contacting J/J During the School Interruption

During this extended school closure, please be assured the administrators can be reached by phone or email. If you call, please leave a voicemail; office staff are regularly checking our voicemails and emails whether working from school or working remotely.
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Jordan/Jackson Remote Learning Site


Principal's Message

Dear Families,

I continue to hope you and your families are well. I want to thank the students for embracing Remote Learning in the manner they have. We have received an exceptional response. We are very cognizant that this is such a stressful time for many families. If we can help and support you in any way, please email any of us and we will be eager to provide assistance.

As previously announced by Superintendent Murphy, we will continue with our remote learning next week as opposed to breaking for April Vacation. Our Remote Learning Site is updated with next week’s plans. Please keep in mind that Monday is Patriots’ Day. Therefore, the plans will begin Tuesday, April 21st.

Please take care of yourselves and try to enjoy the long weekend in the best way that your family can. Check out a couple of video messages below!

Take care and stay healthy.

John Nieratko

Staying Healthy - A Message from Sophia


The estimation station will be coming to you remotely! Every week, your child can look for it on the remote learning site in their weekly learning plans. Estimates will be accepted until 3PM on Fridays; winners will be announced the following week. Did your child find the link to this week's estimate? Ask them what they estimated. How did they come up with that number?"

Estimation Station April 13 - April 17


Ms. McCarthy will be doing a series of booktalks. This week's booktalk is on the series "The Magic Misfits" by Neil Patrick Harris.
Ms. McCarthy's Book Talk

April is National Poetry Month

Poem in Your Pocket Day takes place every year on a day during National Poetry Month. On this day, select a poem, carry it with you, and share it with others, share it on social media using the hashtag #pocketpoem or maybe send a poem to a far-away friend or relative so they receive it on Poem in Your Pocket Day, which is Thursday, April 30.

Choose your favorite poem or create your own and send to your teacher by April 28. We will share them with everyone on April 30, Poem in Your Pocket Day. #JJPride #pocketpoem


Apollo 13 Was Launched 50 Years Ago

It was 50 years ago Monday (April 13, 1970) that the Apollo 13 crew famously told NASA: "Houston, we've had a problem." Jim Lovell, Jack Swigert, and Fred Haise were on their way to the moon when they experienced an explosion in the service module of their spacecraft. "Apollo 13 in Real Time" is a site featuring about 17,000 hours of audio recorded inside Mission Control as well as video from NASA press conferences. The project also syncs some previously silent mission control footage with audio from the archives. Relive the Apollo 13 mission in real-time, beginning with the launch as it happened at 2:13 p.m. ET on April 11.

Link: Apollo 13 in Real-Time

Birds Are in the Air - It's Spring!

Bird watching is something you can do from inside your home when it's raining or outside on your deck and something the whole family can enjoy together. If you'd like to attract birds to your home and have a hobby you can enjoy year round, here's some simple ideas to make bird houses, bird feeders and bird water feeders from recyclable items you may already have in your home.


BOKS created an indoor obstacle course which can easily be modified for outdoor use to get the kids up and moving. Reminder that the BOKS team is offering Facebook LIVE BOKS classes each week day at 12PM. You can also sign up for their weekly BOKS bursts which are short 1 to 10 minute physical activities created to help when kids need a 'burst' of energy. Fun for the whole family!

BOKS At-Home Resources

BOKS Facebook Live

Do You Have a MasterChef Junior in the Making?

Cooking has many practical skills. It encourages kids to work with others and boosts their confidence. There's also some science involved when ingredients like oil and water don't mix as well as math when measuring ingredients. Memories will be fun remembering the good recipes and the not so good ones. Here's a few kid-friendly recipes:

Parmesan Chicken Tenders from BOKS

Mac and Cheese Muffin Cups from Betty Crocker

Ice Cream and Cookie Sandwiches from Betty Crocker

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