Paul Ehrlich

Birth And Childhood

Paul was born on March 14,1854 in Strehln, Germany. Paul was the son of Ismar Ehlrich and Rosa Weigert. He studied at the gymnasium at Breslau. Paul being a medical scientist could've been destiny. Seemed like wanting to be a scientist in the field ran in the family. This is because his cousin, nephew of his mother, Karl Weigert was the great bacteriologist. Oaul might've been greatly influenced by him


As a scientist you will always have many hardships throughout everything you do. From various failures in experiments and trying to prove your theory. And Paul, like many others, had to start from the bottom and make his way to the top. He started off as an assistant to professor Frerichs at the Berlin Medical center.


Paul Ehlrich left his mark in the science community with his work with staining tissues. He did a lot of his work with animal tissues and this is also how he got his doctorate. He was able to continue his work with dyes while he was assistant to Frerichs. Continuing his work with him he was able to show that all of the dyes he was using could be classified by being basic, acid or neutral.

But what makes him such a famous medical scientist is for being the first person to discover the first effective treatment for Syphilis. Syphilis is a disease that you get through sexual contact, it starts with severe rashes and then it starts damaging organs and can also leave to mental disorders. This was a very important because of how harmful this disease was and if not treated, could even lead to death. His discovery of this effective treatment won him the Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine in 1908

He helped a lot of people with his treatments. He even coined the term chemotherapy


Paul Elrich won the Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine in 1908
Paul Ehrlich, 1908 Nobel Laureate in Medicine (A Meditation)