Mrs. Dearmon's Rockin' Fourth Grade

Week of September 18th - 23rd

Important Updates

What is going on this week in curriculum?

Math (My math class only)

In our math class, we use the Math Workshop model. The students will be rotating to different stations during class: teacher instruction, math fact practice, seat work, and hands on games. This allows for smaller group instruction that will focus on the needs of the students in the group. This will begin this week.

  • Monday our unit on place value begins. The first day we will be working with the 3 forms of a number up to the millions place: standard, expanded, and word form.
  • Tuesday the students will continue to review this as well as working on identifying the value of a selected digit.
  • Wednesday is a quiz on the 3 forms of a number. We will also begin comparing numbers by using the symbols <, >, and =.
  • Thursday we will be reviewing rounding numbers and will practice rounding to the nearest hundred, thousand, and hundred thousand.
  • Friday we begin reviewing for our assessment on place value by participating in centers/stations. The assessment will be Tuesday, September 27th.

Reader's Workshop

  • This week during our workshop, the students will be continuing to read and discuss Frindle. There will be another quiz on chapters 6 - 11 on Tuesday or Wednesday.
  • There will also be time for silent reading each day.
  • Students will completing week 2 of the Virginia Studies Newspaper this week. We will be doing it in partner groups again for the next few weeks.
  • Homework is to read 20 minutes every night. There is no log, but I will be following up on the reading at school so it is important that this happens.

Writer's Workshop

  • The writing notebooks are due on Monday!! I will be covering them with tape, so just send them in with the pictures glued to the cover.
  • We will be finishing our "All About Me" writings this week. The students will be going through the writing process to complete the piece.
  • We also are hoping to begin word study groups this week. The students will be getting words on Wednesday and will be tested on those words next Wednesday. There will be no set HW except to review the words with a practice test on Tuesday night.


  • Monday we will review the scientific method by completing a lab and going through all the steps.
  • Tuesday we will be discussing the tools that scientists use.

Virginia Studies

  • We will finish up on our final page of notes on Wednesday. The students will also be reviewing all the characteristics of each region.
  • Thursday we will have a sorting activity using the computers where the students will be placing the characteristics of each region into the correct place. Then we will be playing a review game to review for the test on Friday.
  • Friday is the test on VS2 abc. It will include all highlighted notes as well as maps. I will be placing some review games on Google Classroom so the students can use these to review during the week. There is an icon to get into their Classroom on
  • I will also be offering a morning review on Friday if you would like your child to attend.
  • There will be a fill in the blank review assigned for HW on Wednesday and will be due on Friday. The answers are in the notebook and it will be used as a classwork grade.