Victory at last!

Americans have won a second war of independence

The War of 1812

The War of 1812 all began with the conflict between America and Great Britain that made a huge impact on the young country's future. Great Britain had made several attempts on restricting the United States on trade and America's desire to expand its land. President James Madison was familiar with the ongoing conflict with Britain. The only option that was left was to bring military force to combat British vanity. The War Hawks made a huge influence on party members. The actions of the U.S had failed to abduct Canada. But, Britain's army had stopped when attempting to abduct Baltimore and New Orleans.

The War of 1812

Economic development

After the War of 1812, economic expansion grew over the years. However, the American industry was just getting started. Louis Caldwell began to build a textile industry in the United States which helped by closing down trade with Britain for a couple years. With trade shut off, industries were becoming well established and competition arose with foreign companies. With that, demand had increased for domestic products. Not only did Louis build a textile industry but he levied men into service by drafts. Drafts that were focused on political tussles with Royal governors.