Hawker Happenings

Friday, October 27th


  • October went by quickly!
  • I will attend all grade level PLC meetings next week to discuss conferences, student data, possible new intervention groups, and schedule changes.
  • Kids have been making growth in learning sight words, phonological awareness skills, reading accuracy, fluency using the 6 dimensions of fluency, addition and subtraction strategies within 20, place value, rounding skills, and multi-digit addition and subtraction.
  • I enjoy working with all of my students and helping them accelerate their learning in order to master those grade level standards.


Mrs. Hawker ahawker@mvcsd.org

Lucy Calkins K-2 Writing

Big Take Aways!

  • The Architecture of Effective Writing Mini-Lessons
  1. Connection
  2. Teaching (Demonstration, Guided Practice, Explanation with Example, Inquiry)
  3. Active Engagement
  4. Link---when you transition from and to each---you will repeat your teaching point or learning target
  • Mentor texts or read alouds help students understand what good writing sounds like
  • Kids need to rehearse what they are going to write out loud
  • White boards are practice space during shared writing
  • Just right paper is key
  • Narrative Writing should include the 3 Ts---talking, thinking, tiny actions
  • Informational Writing---shared writing-envision it first, get the picture in your head, write together. On their own-kids choose a topic they are an expert on and think about all the things you know about the topic to plan
  • Qualities of Writing---Structure, Development, Conventions
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