We have almost finished the first quarter of our 3rd grade school year. Most students have learned to settle down and get to work. We have completed assessments for current reading levels for all 26 students. Some of you noted your child's level decreased over the summer. It is normal for students to lose 2 full reading levels unless they read about 20 minutes each day over the summer holiday. Some students lose over any extended break, so please keep that in mind as we approach the upcoming holiday season.

After our Benchmark Assessments, each student recorded their scores and developed goals to help them achieve higher future scores. Ask them about their goal folder and if they are doing what they can to reach their goals.

Your child has a Grammar Study Guide in their Binder under Reading. Please make sure you go over it with them before the District Assessment, the first week of October.

Reading makes your child smarter. Please make sure your child is reading an average of 20 minutes each night, and you are signing their Reading Log.


Unit 2 Assessment scheduled for 09/28/2018

Units 1 & 2 focused on the following skills: addition and subtraction strategies for 3 digit numbers, rounding to the nearest 10 and nearest 100, multiples of 10, multiplication and division strategies.

Students were introduced to multiplication/division strategies with a game called Circles & Stars. We used dice to choose a number to multiply. You can view an example of Circles & Stars at the folowing website:

We also learned about arrays (see the graphic above) an how they relate to multiplication and division, as well as strategies such as repeated addition/subtraction, and multiplication/division on a number line.

Students are asked to study multiplication facts each night and have a 5 minute timed test each Friday to determine what level each student has mastered. By the end of October they should know 0 - 10's.

If your child is struggling with remembering multiplication facts, please consider purchasing flash cards to help them memorize them. You can view a multiplication facts here:


We have completed the unit about heat and our next unit will be about rocks and minerals. We culminated our heat unit by creating solar ovens in which we baked S'mores. We also created cooler insulators where we were able to keep ice-pops frozen for over an hour.

The only Science unit students are responsible for on the first District Assessment (which will be administered the last week of the quarter), is heat.

Please allow students to study using the kahoot at: or the Quizlet at:

Please remind students to review the unit tests before taking the DA. All unit tests should be under the correct subject tab in their binder.


Students have been learning about Native American regions, shelters, clothing, food and customs. The Assessment will be next week on Wednesday. You can help your child study with a Kahoot: f , or a Quizlet:

We are planning a field trip to the Native American PowWow at Stone Mountain Park for November 2, 2018.


Students completed their guided "small moment" story and grades have been posted. They will write an unguided "small moment story" the first week of October, for the second grade of this quarter. . We have focused on "small moments" they can remember that were important to them. They have learned to develop their story by remembering the "heart of the story" and using "voice". They learned to used dialogue, transition words, strong verbs, emotional adjectives, and adverbs, coordinating and subordinating conjunctions, as well as to develop a strong lead and conclusion. I am looking forward to reading their final drafts.

We will begin our unit on informational writing the first week of the second quarter. Students will choose from a variety of topics to research, and then will write about that topic.

Students always receive grades in each of the following writing categories:





Please remind your child that spelling is important.


We were happy to celebrate the following birthdays through October of this year:

Ari - 09/09

Mrs. Amick - 09/17 Thank you for all the sweet notes and cards.

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