Collage tuition project

By. Ellie Bunn

These Are The Collages I've Chosen

The Kings University (Southlake)

Kings is the school I'm considering in real life, and I'd like to think it's pretty reasonable, plus you can get a really good degree there. To go to TKU for 1 undergraduate year, including, housing, and a meal plan it's : $5,236. But to make this easier to compare, let me make a list :

Principal : $5,236

Total cost : $5,926.56

Total interest owed : $690.56

Monthly payment : $123.47

While comparing all the numbers if I were to apply this project to my real life situations I'd have to remember that my interest rate is 6.21 and that the life of the loan is 4 years. And that later when I do take out a loan that it will most likely be different.


I think if I were to strictly think about this short term and financially then the obvious choice would be DCCCD, with the monthly payment only being about $16 a month. Well the problem is that I can't just think long term. When you factor in, that later on in life, you will need a job, the employer will more likely pick the person with the best schooling. Therefore making TKU the best decision. It's a great collage to get a good degree and it's a fair price.