Decisions! Decisions! Decide!

By: Claire Gregory

What decision needs to be made?

My fourth generation iPod touch broke and I am buying a new one. I have to decide whether I want to buy an iPod fourth generation again or an iPod fifth generation. My parents are paying for whatever I decide to buy. Since my other iPod broke the Apple store offers a new iPod just like the one I used to have for ninety-nine dollars. A fifth generation iPod costs two hundred ninety-nine dollars.

What resources do i need or already have?

The resources I need to make this decision are money, to buy the product. I need a car to drive in or transportation to get to the Apple store in Kenwood, Ohio. I will need ninety-nine dollars or two hundred ninety-nine dollars from my parents. I will also need money to pay for gas to fuel the car I will drive to my destination.

Do I have any alternatives?

Alternatives to buying an Apple product are saving the money, buying something else, or spending it on something for my whole family. Saving the money might be a good decision because then we could save it for a vacation in the future. Buying a different item then I planned could be a good decision because I could purchase something better or smaller items. Spending it on something my whole family needs or wants could also be a good decision because it would not only benefit me.

What do I know about the products?

The information I have about the iPod touch fourth generation that I am interested in buying is that it would have 32g of storage. It also weighs less than the fifth generation. The iPod four has a smaller screen than the fifth iPod. The price the Apple store is offering for the iPod fourth generation is ninety-nine dollars. The fifth generation iPod costs two hundred ninety-nine dollars. They can both hold the same amount of data.

The fourth generation iPod touch


The fifth generation iPod touch

Did I make the right choice?

The decision I chose to make was to buy a new fourth generation iPod touch instead of buying a fifth generation one. The fourth iPod costs much less money than the other option. My decision was a good decision because the iPod I purchased has all the features I wanted. My parents were also happy that I chose the less expensive iPod. The fourth generation iPod Touch is also smaller and easier to carry around. I love my new iPod touch!