Missing In Action

By Dean Hughes


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Jay (aka) Chief

He always misunderstood his mom. He wants be in the major league in baseball. Jay is 1/4 Navajo. Jay is nice, friendly and he sometimes loses hope.

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A friend of Jay. Who calls Jay, Chief because he look like one. Nice, and friendly.
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A friend and a person that work with Jay at the farm. Ken is Japanese. Ken teaches Jay how to dance. He's nice and friendly. He's 17 years old.
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Jay’s mom

She is nice, caring to Jay. She is also afraid of Jay's dad.
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Jay’s dad

His dad is a soldier. He would hit Jay and his wife. Jay dad is half Navajo. He well call Jay worthless.
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Jay’s grandma

She is very nice and she is Navajo.

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Jay’s grandpa

He owns a drug store. He is kind and wise and help Jay like a guide.

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A friend of Jay’s mom before high school. He is good at sport. He likes to play baseball.


Jay and his mom from Salt Lake City move to Delta during World War ll. Jay's father gone missing during World War ll. Jay starts to make a new identity during Delta.


This book take place in World War 2. Jay lived with his grandpa, grandma and his mom in Delta.
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Jay works on the farm with his friends Ken in Delta.
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Jay's grandpa drugs stores.
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Jay's grandparents house.


Jay's dad vs Nature - Jay's dad because has been missing since the begin World War ll his ship got sank.

Jay's mom vs Jay - Jay was arguing with his mom about Jay's dad.

Jay vs self- He is starting a new identity in Delta.

Beer Barrel Polka

Beer Barrel Polka - Band Organ
Jay hears this song while learning to dance with his mom.
Jay hear a guy playing a high note on Clarinet.
Beer Barrel Polka - dance as Polka
We are watching this video because Jay dance song with his mom.


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