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We finished up our last topic of Line Plots today so we are officially in "review mode." Over the next two weeks we will review and practice the major skills from our fourth grade math curriculum. We will be reviewing:

  • Place value (rounding, writing/reading numbers to the millions)
  • Addition and Subtraction of numbers through the millions
  • Factors/Multiples
  • Multiplication/Division of multi-digit numbers
  • Angles/Circles/Protractors
  • Line Symmetry/Quadrilaterals
  • Fractions-Comparing, Finding Equivalence, Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions, Adding and Subtracting Fractions, and Decimals

How you can help them prepare:

  • Have them practice multi-digit multiplication and division problems. Use a dice or make up numbers and have them multiply or divide!
  • Find equivalent fractions--again, use a dice or make up fractions and have them find equivalent fractions for those
  • Here is a link to NC DPI's website: .

There are released EOG questions on this website.


We are SO PROUD of the progress being made in reading. The vast majority of our students have reached and exceeded their Academic Goals in reading! Way to go!

As we approach the end of the year assessments, we will continue to practice and review the skills taught throughout the year. The kids will keep on practicing the reading strategy "RUNNERS" in the upcoming weeks.


We have A LOT going on in the next few weeks! Please read through all reminders carefully! :)

Field Day:

Field day will be Friday, May 20 (rain date will be Monday, May 23). 3-5 grade events will mainly be on the infield of the track, while K-2 will be on the lower field next to the faculty parking at the front of the school. Students should wear sneakers for safe participation in all activities. Recommended attire to include wearing swim wear (1 piece) with shorts/swim trunks and t-shirt on top (NO FLIP FLOPS OR WATER SHOES). Sunscreen/bug repellent should be applied, if desired, prior to arriving at school. Filled water bottles should be brought by students, or if your class gets a donated case, you are welcome to cart an ice cooler (there will not be water coolers outside for kids to refill). Looking for each classroom to provide 2 volunteers (14 total per grade level) to run field day events.

Sign up genius volunteer link:

EOG Dates:

Reading--Wednesday, June 1st

Math--Thursday, June 2nd

*Please make sure your student is at school by 8:15. Testing begins at 8:45 and will likely be done by 12:15.

*Remind your student to slow down and show ALL of their work.

*Keep all technology at home that day if possible. If they need to bring a phone to school, they should give it to me immediately to turn off and lock up.

We need...

  • Kleenex
  • Card stock (any color)
  • Page Protectors