Tsunamis on the go!

How Tsunamis Form By Leeyaat Assefa

The Basics of a Tsunami

Tsunamis can cause terrible disasters after it strikes. In the Pacific Ocean is where the most tsunamis are created. These are created by disruptions, or something like a earthquake underneath the water. Then the plates in the ocean floor shifts upward which creates a tsunami. Tsunamis can wipe out a whole town, also can rise up to 100 feet. Fun Facts!: A tsunami goes 500 miles per hour!

Tsunami Strikes!

In 2004 there was a really big tsunami in the Indian Ocean. This tsunami killed 225,000 people, across the dozens of islands it struck! The tsunami struck off the coast of Indonesian island. Then a couple hours later the tsunami rose and hit India and Sri Lanka and ruined all of the homes there to. Finally 7 hours later it struck East Africa and damaged all of their homes!