Derby Daily

October 13-17

The Week at a Glance:

It’s National School Lunch week! How can you show your APPRECIATION to our amazing Derby Kitchen! Thank you for keeping us in delicous food, fresh fruits and cravable chicken bites every day!

Monday, October 12th #Celebrate Monday!

Tuesday, October 13th

Wednesday, October 14th Compass Point Meetings 3:40 p.m.

Thursday, October 15th I have CoMo Elementary Principal's Meeting today....I am but a text message away!

FSP Meeting 6:00 p.m.

Friday, October 16th: Have you turned in those sack lunch numbers to Sabra? They are Due Today!

Next Up to Show your Appreciation to our BUS DRIVERS!....that is coming up....NEXT WEEK

Upcoming Dragon Events:

October 19th Happy Birthday to our resident Jayhawk--Carlei Wies!

October 19-23 School Bus Safety Week

October 20th Faculty Meeting 3:40 p.m.

October 21st Missouri Day!

October 22nd Frank Kros Learning Opportunity! 4:00-5:30 AHL

October 22nd Modified Lockdown Drill!

October 23rd Join us for FSP Bingo Night!

October 24th Happy Birthday to someone with a great first name--Kristi Schlegel

October 26-30 Red Ribbon Week!

October 27 and 28th DRE Pumpkin Patch Extravaganza!

October 26th Guided Reading PLUS training! Whoop! Whoop!

October 28th Dragon Tales Newsletter Submissions due!

October 28th October Principal Birthday Lunches

October 29th Grade Level Data Meetings during plan times with Specialists

October 30th Fall Parties and DRE Annual Halloween Parade

November 2nd Teacher Collaboration Day! Parent Teacher Conference Work Day! No students!

November 3rd No School! It’s Election Day! Don’t forget to vote!

November 4th DRE BLT meeting 3:40

November 5th Happy, Happy Birthday GaGa Julie!

November 5th New Dragon Breakfast

November 5th Early Dismissal

November 6th K-2 Distinguished Dragon Assembly 2:45

November 9-12 Parent Teacher Conferences! Our Late Nights will be Wednesday and Thursday until 6:30 p.m.

November 10th Picture Retake Day

November 11th Veteran’s Day

November 11th Compass Point Meetings 3:40

November 12th End of first Trimester

November 12th 3-5 Distinguished Dragon Assembly 2:45

November 12th FSP Movie Night!

November 13th No School!

November 15th Jessica Ballard’s Birthday—Happy, Happy Day!

November 16th K-2 Math Leadership Committee! Thank you Clarissa James for representing us!

November 17th November Principal’s Birthday Lunches

November 17th 3-5 Math Leadership Committee! Thank you Laura Buddemeyer for representing us!

November 17th DRE Faculty Meeting 3:40 p.m.

November 18th Happy, Happy Birthday Jessica Rudder!

November 19th Grade Level Data Meetings during plan times with Specialists

November 19th FSP meeting at 6:00 p.m.

November 23rd Dragon Tales Newsletter submission due!

November 23rd Grade level walks to off site rally point

November 24th JA in a Day!

November 25-29 Happy Turkey Day! I am thankful for you!

Drops in the Bucket: Have you Dropped Someone Today!

Brent and Jill Wade and all who coordinated to make our Hayride a rousing success! What an incredible night! What a splendid Bonfire! What a breathtaking view under the stars!

A HUGE SHOUT OUT for your assistance and time at McTEACHER Night! The smiles, the laughter, the collaboration, the sharing, the FUN!! Thanks for the decorations--TEAM Title and Ms. Howell! Thank you for all who gave of their time! The fellowship and fun abounded and I can't thank you enough!

Wow! Just Wow! So impressed with our Leaders and our DRE show of gratitude to the CoMo Fire Dept during Fire Prevention Week! Thank you for showin' the love to our partners! Thanks to Jessica Rudder for coordinating our leaders for the Fire Prevention Kick Off!

A tip of the hat to Clarissa James and Laura Buddemeyer for giving of your time to be our Math Leadership Voice! Thanks for sharing the information with our grade levels!

Your BLT continues to serve! Thank you for being the voice and the keepers of the vision!

Cindy Hutchinson and her amazing coordination of the Derby Dines! What a great night at Bleu!

Operation School Bell--a tip of the hat to Mary Kay Galbreath and to Taylor Morales for helping our students!

United Way Campaign Continues: Please get your slips to Whitney! Our goal is $1000

Does your Classroom need Sack Lunches for the Pumpkin Patch?! Get those numbers to Sabra!

Info and To Dos from our DRE Building Leadership Team

I cannot thank you enough for another incredible meeting!I can't thank you enough for being the keepers of the vision!

Hopefully, your rep is sharing with you--but just in case you still have questions.....

Link to the Notes:

A couple 2 dos for you and our teams:

Team Accountability needs your help! Please provide to your Accountability Team members notes on your Behavior Management System for your classroom! We are asking that you get this to them by OCTOBER 12th! Sorry for the late notice, but they would like to review at their Compass Meeting on Wednesday!


How are you or your grade level communicating progress with your parents --weekly? monthly?? We have strayed from our Building Wide Checklist and would like to develop a UNIFORM communication tool at our October meeting!! We will go over this communication tool at our Upcoming Parent Teacher Conferences!

The first set of Evalution Appts and PEP Appts have gone out...yours is coming soon!

Rachel and I are working to get your Formal Evaluation times established and additionally your PEP meetings! Your invite is coming soon! If you have any questions--please don't hesitate to ask! Thank you for the in-depth discussion focused around our students finding success and reaching new heights of empowerment and learning!

Please be aware of the following links on the Derby Drive:

Teacher Evaluation Folder where you will find the pre-evaluation sheet and the PEP form


There is a Sub Shortage! And you MUST be AWARE! Our AMAZING DRE Office Staff and I are working to keep you informed of getting your duties covered in the event of an absence, but the reality is there is a shortage of subs!!

Toni is working with Kelly on letting us know if there are HEAVY sub days throughout the district. There is a list posted in the office and additionally we will begin to list in the Monthly Staff Calendar. Please beware of these days STEER CLEAR for pre-arranged absences!

PERSONAL LEAVE must be approved in advance!

Personal Leave – All employees may be allowed three days of paid personal leave each year for reasons other than those charged to the accumulated sick leave. These days, if not used, will accumulate as sick leave. Part-time employees will receive personal leave days on a pro rata basis. Employees who begin their employment after July 1 will earn personal leave on the following schedule:

July 1-December 31 3 days

January 1-March 31 1.5 day

April 1-June 30 0 days

Absences may be charged against personal leave for court appearances, unless applicable law or policy provides for paid leave, and for leaves authorized by law, policy or the Board that would otherwise be unpaid including, but not limited to, leave under the FMLA.

Requests for personal leave during the year are subject to prior approval by the immediate supervisor. Personal leave at the start or close of school or more than one day in conjunction with a holiday must receive prior approval by the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources due to extenuating circumstances. Employees may contact Nickie Smith or Andrea Follett.

If you didn't get the CALL!! Update your info in Employee Business PLUS

Updating your information in Employee Business Plus

Log into Employee Online via Network Applications. Update the Account contact information. Hit save. And then when the next data roll happens from Business Plus to ParentLink the new employee contact information will be updated.

Fingers Crossed it all works! If you have questions--let me know!

STAR training available: Check it out BEFORE the end of October!

Want to know more about how to utilize the STAR for reports? Want to find links for small group ideas?? Log into STAR and check out Renaissance U! These online videos are 2-4 minutes long and answer soooo many questions about Scaled Score, Grade Equivalent , and so much more! Check it out to utilize this tool to its full potential! Let me know if you have questions or if you need assistance getting access! Let the learning begin!

Halloween Parade and Parties Information-October 30

Halloween Parade Plan

· The note sent home today states that parents could come at 2:00 to help kids get dressed in their costumes.

· Parents will be asked to go outside to watch the parade from the yellow line or the hill via the intercom.

· The office will begin announcing via the intercom grade levels to line up in the Commons at 2:15 beginning with Kindergarten and First Grade teams and working up to Fifth Grade.

· All classes will line up in the Commons.

· All classes will travel down the blue line to the playground, which is located on the steps on the west side of the building.

· Grades K-2 will make an outside circle around the perimeter of the playground

· Grades 3-5 will make an inside circle around the playground that will face the K-2 classes

· When everyone has arrived we will begin movement, listen for Mrs. Shinn.

· Grades K-2 will go in a clockwise movement and Grades 3-5 will go in a counterclockwise movement.

· Everyone will see everyone!

· After a few moments of viewing we will begin dismissing grade levels to return to the classroom for the parties.

An alternative activity for students not participating will be in the media center