Middle School Weekly Update

April 8, 2019

PLT during PSSA

Office hours should be conducted during the PSSA window in place of PLT. Attendance does NOT need to be taken during this time.

Great things happening in the middle school!

Pam Sieger: A rather large crowd gathered to watch as students presented a variety of projects that showed how propaganda works. Their personality came through as they presented and after each presentation there was positive student feedback that led to good discussions and deeper learning about the topic.

Michelle Klara: As students began class Michelle had them raise their hands to say they were ready to start. She took the fraction of people who raised their hand and converted it into a percent and compared it to her other sections. First off 96% were ready to participate, secondly I feel quite certain that when it comes to time to convert fractions to percent, or to compare percentages, this class will excel; not because of a lesson with an assessment, but because of it being a daily part of their classroom routine.

Jessica Hill: In this class Jessica had a break out room activity where students wrote a letter from the point of view of the Little Rock nine students. Writing is an area where we struggle as a middle school. Having a writing activity that helps to illustrate point of view, author voice, and good conventions in a history class is something we LOVE to see! Great job! Also after the private break out room time was done, Jessica had students read their responses and they discussed this important historical event in more detail because of the insights the students shared!

Dates to remember:

April 8: Progress reports posted to Sapphire & email sent to students to view Sapphire

April 9 & 10: Bridget out of the office to KOP for meetings

April 15 - 18: PSSA's start

April 18,19, 22: No School - Spring Break

April 23: PSSA's continue