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Keeping it R.E.A.L! Respect + Effort + Attitude= Leadership

February 2018

From Our Principal...

It's that time of year again! We are beginning our 14 Days of Giving campaign for this year. I believe that one of the most important things we can do, and can teach children to do, is to reach out and support each other on our journey in life. Our 14 day campaign is designed to support our educational initiatives while developing in our children the capacity to give. By performing random acts of kindness, supporting charities, raising money for our school, and sharing our efforts through social media, we hope to make a huge impact on our community! The children have helped determine the ways they will be rewarded and seem quite excited about our campaign. Won't you join us?

The 14 Days of Giving campaign encourages every family to participate in 14 days of kindness, donations, and sharing. Each family is asked to find a way to share a form of kindness and send in the details so we can display them in our entrance hall. Students are encouraged to submit their donations along with their kindness reports each day, and families are asked to share their ideas on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using #blackcatsgiveback18 and #EVSC1. A drawing will be held each day to recognize those who have donated, who have performed acts of kindnesses, and/or who have shared using the hashtags.

We are also offering recognition to, and welcome donations from, businesses who may be interested in a variety of sponsorship levels. We would love to use gift cards, services, or other donations to give to our daily drawings to recognize the efforts of the children and their families, or monetary donations for our school. One incredible donation we've received from our local favorite scoop shoppe, Milk & Sugar, will allow us to recognize every child who raises the individual goal of $50.00. Every child who meets this goal will receive a free kiddie cone from Milk & Sugar. What an incredible community partner!

As you will see in the additional articles below, it is also the season of surveys and assessments. The My School Survey will be sent home on February 5. We would really love to hear how we're doing--both what you like, and what would make your life easier. Please complete the survey and return it to share your thoughts. We really do use your feedback to make things better for our children and for our families. For example, the 14 Days of Giving was created as an alternative to selling items which came from a comment on the My School Survey a few years ago. We continue our community events that have gotten good feedback like the yearly dances, our grandparents days, field day, and collaborative events with the PTA. Your voice matters. Please tell us what we do well, and let us know how we can do better!

ISTEP+ begins soon. Please see the article below to get the specific dates. If at all possible, please schedule appointments outside of our testing windows. Every child's score matters, and is another way to tell us how we're doing. Please make sure students come to school rested and ready to show us what they know!

We continue to be proud of the efforts of our children to implement our REAL principles: Respect, Effort, Attitude, and Leadership. Students' recognition with REAL Leader certificates is a special way to show our appreciation for their efforts. If your child has come home with a REAL Leader sticker, please help us honor their efforts.

Keepin' it REAL!

Katie White


From Our Principal Intern and Counselor...

ISTEP Testing

It is about that time of year again and ISTEP will be here at the end of this month! This is an exciting time for our students to show how much they have learned. They have worked hard and we have confidence that their hard work will be recognized. As you prepare your student(s) for the upcoming tests, here are some tips you can use before and after testing:

Before the Test

Be Prepared

Many teachers will send information home about testing schedules and class preparation plans. Information that you should know includes:

· What is the test and what will it measure?

· Will the test results affect your child, school, or both?

· Are there ways that you can help your child prepare for the test? (Narang, 2008).


If your child has struggled with a particular area or subject in the past, you may be able to help him or her overcome some of that difficulty by providing extra practice. Look for practice exercises and questions like the ones students see on the test. Focus your practice on areas your child needs improvement in (Narang, 2008).

If your child has trouble taking tests, try practicing test questions and studying new words. Your child's school or the library may have some samples to use. Keep the sessions short, and set small, manageable goals so that the extra practice boosts your child's confidence (Narang, 2008).

On Test Day

Get Plenty of Sleep and Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Many teachers report that students who don't do well on tests haven't gotten enough sleep and eaten breakfast on the morning of the test. Doing both of these things will ensure that your child is working at full capacity (Narang, 2008).

Be Prepared

Some schools may supply the tools your child needs for the test, such as pencils, an eraser, and paper. Others may require the students to bring those materials themselves. Check with your child's teacher to see if you need to provide your child with any of these materials (Narang, 2008).

Remain Positive

Staying calm will help your child stay calm. If he or she gets nervous about the test or is likely to experience anxiety during the test, help him or her practice some relaxation techniques that can be used while taking the test (Narang, 2008).

Adapted From: Colorin Colorado:


Dietel, R. Helping Your Child Perform Well on Tests. Retrieved April 2, 2008, from

International Reading Association (IRA). (2002). Prepare your child for reading tests [Brochure]. Bachman, T.M.: Author.

Narang, S. (2008). Standardized tests: What you should know before your child sharpens his #2 pencil. Retrieved April 2, 2008, from

Battle of the Westside Basketball Games

Games to be held this week

Our Battle of the West Side games will be held this week. Helfrich Park Middle School is hosting our games this year. Entrance fee will be $2.00 for adults. Children are free.

There will be concessions available for purchase.

Good luck to our boys and girls teams!

Schedule of games in bracket illustration, below.

Big image

Dance to be held on April 6

Our yearly dance will be held for our girls this year, and will be held on April 6. Watch for more information to come home soon!

ISTEP+ and IREAD Testing Dates 2018

Assessment Dates

ISTEP+ (3-8 and 10) (

The purpose of the Indiana Statewide Testing for Educational Progress-Plus (ISTEP+) Indiana Statewide Testing for Educational Progress Plus (ISTEP+) program is to measure student achievement in the subject areas of English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science (Grades 4, 6 and 10), and Social Studies (Grades 5 and 7). In particular, ISTEP+ reports student achievement levels according to the Indiana Academic Standards that were adopted by the Indiana State Board of Education. The assessments are administered in two parts:

Part 1 consists of applied skills (open-ended) items, and Part 2 includes multiple-choice and technology-enhanced items. Both Part 1 and Part 2 are required components of the ISTEP+ program and are used to measure student mastery of the Indiana Academic Standards.

ISTEP+ Part 1 - Online and Paper/Pencil

Assessment Window Begins 2/26/2018

Assessment Window Ends 3/9/2018

ISTEP+ Part 2 - Online and Paper/Pencil

Assessment Window Begins 4/16/2018

Assessment Window Ends 5/4/2018


The purpose of the Indiana Reading Evaluation And Determination (IREAD-3) assessment is to measure foundational reading standards through grade three. Based on the Indiana Academic Standards, IREAD-3 is a summative assessment that was developed in accordance with House Enrolled Act 1367 (also known as Public Law 109 in 2010).

Assessment Window Begins 3/5/2018

Assessment Window Ends 3/9/2018

Substitutes Needed!!!

We are in need of substitute teachers and assistants for our classrooms, and substitute nurses. We would LOVE for you to register downtown as a sub and to join our WT family. I know other west side schools would welcome your help, as well!

Click here for more information!

Teacher Subs:

Non-teach Subs:

Come join us!!

News You Can Use

EVSC Snow Day Makeup Schedule:

We will use a combination of scheduled makeup days and virtual makeup days for the five days missed for the winter storm.

  • Snow Day 1 will be made up virtually...assignments made by January 30.
  • Snow Day 2 will be made up virtually...assignments made by February 13.
  • Snow Day 3 will be made up on Monday, February 19.
  • Snow Day 4 will be made up virtually...assignments made by February 27.
  • Snow Day 5 will be made up on Friday, April 20.

Kindergarten Enrollment

Our kindergarten packets will be ready for you to pick up on February 20. Please share with anyone in the community who has a child who will be 5 by August 1.

Kindergarten Round Up will be April , 2018 beginning at 6 pm. We ask that you have your packets completed and returned, if possible, before that night. Be sure to bring your child to this event--it's a chance for information for you, your child to spend some time with other children of similar age, and for you to tour the building.

We can't wait to meet our new little kittens!

Reitz Youth Lacrosse

Reitz Youth Lacrosse will be having an open call out meeting for students and parents on Monday Feb 5th in the Helfrich Park Cafeteria at 7:00pm. This is your opportunity to learn about this exciting and fast growing sport. All boys 5th through 8th grade are welcome​. If you have any questions please text Chris Herron 812-430-4279

Outdoor Recess unless it is below 32 degrees

Please be sure to send your child in appropriate outer wear (coats, gloves, hats, etc...) so that they can enjoy outdoor recess when the weather permits. We will send students outside on days the temperature (with wind chill consideration) is above 32. Also, please label your children's items in case they are misplaced.

Recycling News

Please remember that you can recycle aluminum cans here at West Terrace!! The aluminum recycle cage is parked in the east parking lot right next to the recycle dumpster. We ask that you put only cans in the cage. Every penny we earn from the cans comes right back to our school!


PAWS ON PARADE CLUB (POP) hasn't had much change in the students count. Due to the weather the students haven't been outside much this past month to walk. I will give a total count with their update next month. Please encourage your child to join the club or continuing to walk. It has many great benefits for them, you, and the staff.

  • For kids – its fun while building self-esteem, learning responsibility, mathematics, and record-keeping skills. They will also learn how to set goals, work to achieve them, and then evaluate their personal achievement. They are also rewarded for meeting goals.
  • For parents – it’s getting their child physically fit = It will help develop fitness while building muscles, burn calories, reduce stress, and create good lifelong healthy habits.
  • For playground supervisors – it channels kids’ energy
  • For teachers – it gets kids ready to learn
  • For principals – it aids in children’s educational development

Thank you for supporting your child in what they do and accomplish!

Tammy Jewell

Calendar Link--click below for calendar

Please remember to date your checks 2018.

Please remember to date your checks with the current year. Checks that are dated "2017" will be sent back home.

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Baseball/Softball Sign Ups


President: Co Chairs Jenny Fuquay and Sandi Davis

Vice-President of Events: Stephanie Yellig

Vice-President of Fundraising: Open

Secretary: Tera Babb

Treasurer: Co Chairs April Coughlin and April Weyer


Wednesday, November 29 @ 5:30pm

Wednesday, February 28 @ 5:30 pm

Wednesday, March 21 @ 5:30 pm

Wednesday, April 25 @ 5:30pm

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Extended Care

We are in the process of printing 2017 Payment History Statements to assist you with the completion of your taxes. These are prepared on a “by request” only basis. If you are in need of this information, you may email your request to

If you are starting your Spring Cleaning a little early this year, please keep our program in mind before you throw your items away. If you have toys, games, dolls, etc. you no longer need, these can be donated to us and the contribution be written off on your taxes as a donation. Our children would truly appreciate any and all gently used items. We are always in need of crayons, markers and colored pencils. Thank you so much!

Happy February – Spring is just around the corner!

Barbara Grant

Extended Care Coordinator

Community Outreach

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Jenna Hancock-Wargel Berkshire Hathaway Home Services (Click here for more information)


Please help us welcome the following staff members to our teams.

Here are the specific grade level assignments:


Wendy Brunson, rm 30

Lisa Gooch, rm 33

Angela Hayes, rm 34

Tara Kolb, rm 32

Christine Mattingly, rm 21

First Grade

Brooke Corressell, rm 3

Cindy Evans, rm 5

Kitten McClain, rm 6

Amanda Woods, rm 1

Second Grade

Vera Emmons, rm 9

Nicholas Iaccarino, rm 23

Trisha Kavanaugh, rm 15

Carie Kingery, rm 10

Amy Nau, rm 12

Third Grade

Robin Bass, rm 19/ Denise Strawn, rm 18

Courtney Rueger, rm 16/ Stephanie Scheu, rm 11

Fourth Grade

Shelly DeWeese, rm 22/ Nikki Paul, rm 17

Megan Murphy, rm 24/Lindsey Stine, rm 29

Fifth Grade

Renee Schefer, rm 27/Simone Nance, rm 25

Trish Toelle, rm 26/Cassie Curl, rm 28

Special Ed


Jennifer Bennett, rm 4

Sarah Walls, rm 2


Renae Jackson, rm 14

Shelley Patton, rm 21

Elizabeth Ray, media center


Peggy Davis, Gym

Susan Kemper, Art, rm 8

Nadine Risley, Technology

Anne Woodruff, Music, rm 7


Katie White, Principal

Bethany Lynch, Principal Intern

April Coughlin, Counselor

Sheri Moore, Principal's Secretary

Nicole Smith, Secretary/Receptionist

Christine Hamilton, Nurse

Kim Sitzman, Media Aide