The Bahamas

What to be ready for if you move there.

Historical Sites

Fort Charlotte

This historical site was built in 1788 by Lord Dunmore, the fort was named after the wife of King George lll, Queen Saharia Charlotte. This fort has underground tunnels and 42 cannons. This Fort looks over the Harbor of Nassau, Bahamas. Another fact about this fort is that it never shot a cannon with aggression in mind so it was just for protection of the Harbor.


The most famous person from the Bahamas is Kimbo Slice. His real name was Kevin Ferguson. He was a American boxer that came over to America when he was came here when he was young and was in his first fight when he was just 13 years old.

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Unique Customs

Bahamian Cuisine

The thing that Bahamian food has that isn't like other countries food is that it is spicy but not just spicy they also use certain types of herbs to make it a little different than others. They also have an exclusive one called the rock lobster. They use a lot of fresh fish and rice mixed with spices. Finally, after you have tried all that you need to wash it down with Kalik it is a type a Bahamian beer.

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Environmental Issues

The biggest environmental issue with the Bahamas is the tourism. The tourism which is a million dollar industry there it also hurts the environment. Tourism hurts it by pollution to the coral reefs, and waste disposal. Also because of the tourism and boats in the water there is a lot of water pollution.

Unique Animals

In the Bahamas there are a lot of unique animals. For example Bimini Dolphins. Theses animals are only in the Bahamas due to the sun and warmth there. Also they have Exuma Pigs, these pigs actually live on the beach. They love the warm water and climate they are native animals to the Bahamas chain islands.

Schools in the Bahamas

Schooling in the Bahamas is a huge part of the government spending, they spend 20% of their money on education. Almost all their schools are state owned. The school system is a lot like the British's they have primary, middle, and secondary school. Also, college in the Bahamas is called Tertiary school.

Major Religions

Protestant, they are the most popular type of religion in The Bahamas. They are 69.9% of all the people in The Bahamas. They also have a huge rate of up to 60% of children born out of wedlock which is bad with the religion.

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Special Holidays or Festivals.

Emancipation Day
This holiday marks the end of slavery in the British Empire. This special day for the Caribbean countries took place on August 1st, 1834.
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Atlantis is the biggest resort in the Caribbean islands. It is home to some of the craziest waterslides. When going their you can experience swimming with sharks and stingrays. They also have underground gift shops and a small museum. Atlantis is in Nassau which is the most popular island in the Bahamas.
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Nassau, Bahamas

Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas. Nassau still has a lot of traits from its time with the British with its color filled buildings. It lies on the New Providence island and neighbors Paradise Island which is a massive vacation spot in the Caribbean.

Natural Disasters

Hurricane Matthew was the biggest storm to hit the Bahamas for decades. This storm killed about 900 people. When it hit The Bahamas it then ruined a lot of crops, the government said up to 90% were ruined by the storm. This has not effected tourism which is their main income.

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Current Issues

Money in Bahamas is hard right now after big hurricane hit them, but the Bahamas have the most stable economy in the Caribbean. They have lots of tourism and Banks their which is helping them get through this low money crisis. They said that also they are trying to clean up the corrupt government because they have let many people of the hook because they know them.

Relationship with US

The Bahamas and the US have a great relationship.They made a diplomatic relationship in 1973 when they separated from the UK. Since then The Bahamas has made a ton of money from tourist in the US. The US is in agreement to help the Bahamas stay safe with border security and maritime law there. This also has been a concern with the US as people bound for the US use the island to get here because it is only 50 miles off the coast of florida, which the US has concerns over.

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