Acid Rain

Maurice Tyler Period 4

What Is Acid Rain ?

Acid Rain is a type of rain or any other form of precipitation that is usually acidic. This rain posses elevated levels of hydrogen ions. Rotting vegetation and smoke from volcanoes release chemicals that can help cause this rain. Most of the reason Acid Rain occurs is due to human activities.

Impact On The Ecosystem

This rain could impact the ecosystem very much. It can have harmful effects on plants, aquatic animals and important infrastructure. The rain can really impact lakes, streams, or oceans. The rain can make the water acidic. That water would be toxic to aquatic animals like fish. This could impact food chains that could impact other species as well.

Ways To Impact The Issue

Ways us human beings can impact this issue is to cut down on making stuff from factories causing smoke. Some more ways you can stop acid rain is to harvest fruits and vegetables so that the chemicals from them don't cause the acid. We could also burn less fossil fuels. People could drive less and the gas that cars release wouldn't be there to help cause acid rain.

Challenges People Face

Challenges people would face while trying to solve acid would be not being able to drive as much as they want to. Another challenge would be slowing down on the fossil fuels because we need energy to power almost everything in the world so it wouldn't be possible to stop burning the fossil fuels. One reason people wouldn't want to work to solve acid rain is because they think that acid rain wouldn't effect them, but it would effect the food chain starting with the producers, or the plants and working its way up to the top consumers.
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