The Lord of the Flies

By, Stephanie Reemtsma

Lord of the flies

All humans are capable of letting the monsters inside of them come out with a little push. On this epic adventure a group of british boys must band together on a race against time. But this will prove to be not as easy as they planned.

Choose a side

Throughout the story the boys separate into two groups. One is ruled by reason and democracy, but the other is ruled by power, violence and force. Both very different, both have different effects. What side is the right side?

Adventure, explore, observe

Empithize with the characters

With so many characters each reader should have a different character to relate to. The hard headed jack, the intelligent Ralph, the innocent Simon, or the sensitive piggy could speak our in ways people have never thought of.

Even in the most interesting of times, there is a hidden tragedy. Watch the boys quickly devolve from fun loving, innocent children, to fierce killers with a snap of the fingers.

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Lord of the Flies Trailer

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