by Alfred

Basic Info

Crocodiles are reptiles.  They are warm-blooded.  Crocodiles are also vertebrates which means they have a backbone.  Their body is covered with scales and plates.  Its predators, when it is a baby are mongooses,wading birds and snakes.  They use their legs to walk and swim.


Crocodiles live in Australia in the waters. Their shelter is underwater. Crocodiles eat fish, frogs, kangaroos, zebras, wildebeests, buffalo, pigs, deer, turtles, snakes and birds in their habitat.

Life cycle

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My animal the crocodile lives in hot dry and wet places. It has plates to protect its body

from danger. Crocodiles also have canine teeth. The canine teeth is for biting prey,

through their flesh. Canine teeth is also very sharp. Webbed feet is on a crocodiles

foot. It is there for a crocodile to swim.

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Interesting facts

Crocodiles sneak up on their prey then attack. They also have to heat themselves up so

they can stay warm enough to be active. Crocodile eyes glow because there is a mirror

like layer under each eye that makes a crocodile see very good.

Food Chain

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