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Russian Flag

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Russia is a large and unique country with mountain ranges and cold climates. It is rich in history and the cultural arts. Russia's capital is the beautiful city of Moscow. Moscow has breathtaking architecture such as the "Saint Basil's Cathedral" located in Red Square.

Languages Spoken

81% of Russians speak the official language of Russian as their first and only language. There are also over 100 minority languages spoken in Russia. The most popular is Tatar which is spoken by more than 3% of the country's population. Russian is one of the six official languages spoken by the United Nations.

Russian Phrases

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Type of Government

Russia's form of government is a Federation which is a democratic type of government where the president is elected by the people. The current president is Vladimir Putin. The Kremlin is the home of the President and where the government meets to conduct official business.


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Currency and Exchange Rate

The common currency in Russia is the Russian Ruble. One ruble was 0.03326 of a US dollar as of Jan.24 2013 at 6:15 P.M.

100 Ruble

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Russian Culture

Russia has lots of interesting cultural customs. Morozhenoe is a delicous ice cream that many people enjoy. Some of the popular sports in Russia are, soccer, skiing, dance, figure skating, and gymnastics. Russia has won numerous Olympic medals. Russia has a busy free market economy with business sites like The World Trade Center. Many people in Russia visit museums such as The Russian Museum in St. Petersburg which has exhibits on Russian literature. Day trips may include visits to Red Square. The most popular holiday in Russia is New Year's Day. Another important holiday is Victory Day which is May 9th. It signifies the end of World War II. Russia was also home to Yuri Gargarin who was the first human to travel in space.

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