Chula Vista Events

Saturday, November 14th

Chula Vista Parade

Formerly the Otay Ranch Band Review, this year it's been moved to the BayFront area of Chula Vista. The Bay Front Band Review will be held at the west end of H Street in Chula Vista. It starts at 10:00am. The awards will take place in the park connected to the J Street marina.

The competition parade band will be participating. All others will meet at OHS in the afternoon. The competition parade band consists of everyone in the Wind Ensemble class, and a few members of the Cadet Band and Percussion class. Students are added to the competition block through auditions. Students should know by now if they're in that block or not, but if uncertain should ask Mr. Mabrey.

Competition Parade Band members have a call time of 7:30am. Times are as follows ...
  • 7:30am Call Time
  • 8:15am load buses
  • 8:30 leave OHS
  • 9:00 arrive at check in
  • 11:15 in competition
  • 11:45 change out of uniforms and hang them up in the bus.
  • 12:30 awards at the Bayside Park stage.
  • 1:15 load buses to return to school

Students can buy lunch in the park after they change out of uniform. Food vendors will be nearby the stage.

Afternoon and Evening Events

Upon return to school here's the schedule ...
  • 2:00pm Call Time for all band and guard. Parade members should be back by 2:00. If not, just wait patiently for us.
  • 2:00-3:00 rehearsal on the field
  • 3:00-5:00 rest time (needed) in band room. Bring blanket or towel if you wish to lay on one. We'll talk a little and maybe watch a video.
  • 5:00-5:45 dinner. Boosters will provide a $5 dinner for the evening.
  • 6:00pm leave Olympian for San Ysidro High School.
  • 8:00pm perform on the field in competition
  • 8:20 return to buses and change out of uniform into very warm clothing!
  • 9:00-9:15 return to field for awards ceremony
  • 10:00 Awards
  • 10:45 head home from SYHS
  • 11:15-11:30pm arrive at OHS

Some Needs

  • We do not have extra gloves
  • It will be very cold at night. Students may want to wear a thermal shirt under their uniform for the night performance.
  • Bring a warm jacket and/or blanket for the awards
  • Stay together as a group
  • Never say anything negative about another group. Remember, if you can't say anything nice ... you're not thinking about it the right way.
  • Each student is responsible for their OWN uniform and equipment. Missing items will be the responsibility of the student to which they were assigned.
  • If you will be leaving with your parents from the events, Mr. Mabrey MUST receive a written notice, AND the parent needs to see Mr. Mabrey or Mrs. Sholty when they take their child. This is to be sure the students remain safe and are not waiting alone somewhere for their family.