Assessment Tools

Instant Feedback (NEPF Standard 5)

Build Yourself a Formative Assessment ToolKit

Learn the strengths and weaknesses of each tool. You may need several tools to meet your classroom situation. These are my favorite five tools for formative assessment


Students submit responses by answering multiple-choice questions, drawing, or typing, and teachers can send back detailed feedback. The dashboard offers great at-a-glance progress tracking.

Use Formative as your go-to tool for capturing students' responses in class or following at-home assignments. Start with the simple tutorial and experiment with the pre-made assignments to consider what might work best for your classroom. Make short multiple-choice questions to use as bell ringers or exit tickets to start or end your lesson.

Great for secondary teachers who want to upload their maps/formulas...

See Real-Time Student Drawings with Formative (


EdPuzzle is one of my favorite tools. It gives teachers a set of tools to crop an existing online video to just the moments needed for a specific teaching purpose. Teachers can also customize the cropped video with voice-overs, audio comments, as well as embedded assessment questions. Crop any YouTube video. Download the EdPuzzle extension in Chrome and the EdPuzzle button will be nestled under every YouTube video you view. It's a great reminder.