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Surprises In Kingsley

Kingsley Surprises In Kingsley

The 4th grade playground has more slides than the other playground. It is better than the playground for younger kids. It even has more swings. It also has a line that you can slide across. There are two of them. It smaller but it's great. I think this year is gonna be the best year because there are new friends, new teachers, and a principal. It's great to be back at school.

My top three favorite things about Kingsley

  1. New students
  2. New teachers
  3. New principal

Kingsley News

The playground has new equipment like a set of 2 slides. There's more swings than the other playground. There's like a hipline but it's not. It really goes fast if you do it right. People from 5th and 6th grade also play with us. We first get to go outside then 5th and 6th grade play the second time. That is what Kingsley News is all about. Thanks for reading my newsletter!