Loosing My Abuelita

Crystal Hernandez

Lost Love One

Losing My abuelita

All my life I saw my abuela strong and healthy and at being the age she was 55 to finding out she had lung problems. A disease that we don’t know what really caused it. Well it all started from her being sick and having really high temperature fevers, then came vomiting and hard problems in breathing. Of course my abuelita was a clean freak and hatted the hospitals because of the germs. We then made her go so we took her to the hospital and they told us that she was fine just sick, but we all know that she wasn’t. We listen to them but she was fine for a few nights cause of the medicines they gave her. Couple nights later she kept getting worst so we took her to the hospital again a few nights later. This time a new hospital they told us that she wasn’t actually fine and that the last hospital was wrong cause what my grandma had she been developed this disease it’s just now starting to react.

We thought that she was going to get better and be able to come home but they said she had to stay at the hospital for a while. We then started to visited the hospital not just one or two days but weeks. We really started to miss her at home so my visits to see her were exciting and full of joy had to keep the mood up even though we weren’t really all so happy. Just watching her some days good and some days at her worst, was really started to take a toll on me and my family. We had to stay strong for her and everyone else. I’de never forget the day where I seen her sitting up from her surgery all happy to see us we prayed she be okay until the doctors tell us that she has to have anthor in two days. Two days went by and she had the surgery after that one my grandma was then stable and she could hear us, but couldn’t speak we had to put her on life support from how bad she got. Those two months of her in the hospital we finnaly did the last prayer and took her off of the life support cause that was no longer her inside she was dying. Those two months of having my abuelita in the hospital were the worst in my whole entire life I never felt so much pain like I did losing my abuelita cause she was not only my grandma but she was like a second mom to me .She taught me everything I could ever know and she also raised me as if I was her own. I never thought I would overcome this but I realized that I had to move on that she still with me even if I can’t see her. I overcame this by talking to my parents, joining activities, and praying every night. But looking at my family and I, I never realized to cherish what you got before it’s all gone until it happened.I just thank God that I overcame something that I thought I never could but things do get better. Just got to have faith and be strong.