Harappan Culture


- There Language is impossible to decipher

- Linguist haven't found any inscriptions that are bilingual

-Found on stamps,and seals made from carved stones

-Scientist believe there are about 400 symbols


- Social divisions in the society where not great.

-They could make nonessential things like clay and wooden Toys

- Very few weapons have been found suggesting little conflict.

- Animals most likely where important to them.

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Role of Religion

- They think that there culture was Theocracy.

- There was no Temple found .

- Most likely prayed for good Harvest and safety from flood.

- Most religious artifacts show modern Hindu.

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-Conducted thriving trade with people in region.

-Gold and silver came from the north Afghanistan

-Semiprecious stones from Persia

-Indus river was there way to get to trade