Green Angel


Task #1 - Chapter Summary

This chapter talks about Green taking a trip to the city, where people wouldn't recognize her anymore. Physically and emotionally, she changed a lot from how she used to be. She cut her hair short, she hammered nails on her boots just in case someone tried to harm her. She wasn't innocent anymore. When she got to the city, no one could recognize her, some people were scared of her. She changed her name to Ash. She also says that she wouldn't see her sister in her dreams like she used to.

Task #2 - Vocabulary

  • Dim - (of a light, color, or illuminated object) not shining brightly or clearly.

Book Sentence - Bright, not dim. (Pg. 37)

My sentence - Her face was softened by the dim light.

  • Cinder - A small piece of partly burned coal or wood that has stop giving off flames but still has combustible matter in it.

Book Sentence - Why I wanted the cinders in my eyes. (Pg. 37)

My Sentence - They sifted through the cinders, looking for a ring.

  • Grasp - Seize and hold firmly.

Book Sentence - Each time i awoke, I felt her slip through my grasp, a cloud of mist evaporating in the light of day. (Pg. 37)

My sentence - He grasped the bottle.

Task #3 - While I was Reading ...

  1. The question I thought about was, what is going to happen in the city? because she had never gone to the city by herself.
  2. I think what may happen next is that she is going to join the looters because she tried to get close to them once.
  3. As I was reading I pictured her walking in the wood with her dog because she said she started going to the city more often.
  4. I made a connection to the world because theres a lot of young people joining gangs, just like she said that in the story there was 13 years old kids joining the looters.

Task #4 - S.T.E.A.L.

Speech - She talks about how her dreams start changing as she changed.

"Now when i dreamed, my sister took my hand in hers. She was still like moonlight, but fainter, more sorrowful." (Pg. 51)

Thoughts - She is depressed because she lost her family.
"Wanting only darkness, I began to sleep. I slept longer and longer. I ignored daylight and hope. I didn't care if the sky had begun to clear." (Pg. 35)

Effects - She made other feel afraid when she got closed to them.
"He reached for the club he kept near his money box, ready to fight me off if need be." (Pg. 40)

Actions - She decided to go to the city

"I decided to go into town" (Pg. 39)

Looks -
She cut her hair and tattooed herself.
"He didn't know who i was, with my short hair and my black ink and the nails in my shoes." (Pg. 40)