Let's Get This Party Started!

You have your # and website, what's next?

Hoot Whooooooooo do you know?

Be PROUD!! You took the plunge! Tell the world about it. HOOT HOOT!!!

Now, everyone communicates differently. Some people love email, facebook, texts, newsletters and good ole SNAIL MAIL!! Start with the Hot 100 List. You know more people than you think, once you start writing them down they start flowing!! Now categorize them and knock them out: Post an exciting status about your new adventure with Origami Owl (R), Text/call your buddies, Create an Email blast or a smore.com newsletter (yes, I am now addicted to this site!) to send to ALL of your contacts and tell them all about it-make sure to add your new Independent Designer signature with contact info and last but not least send out some postcards or notes to your old fashioned friends. Any which way necessary....get the word out!!

MySpace Page....just kidding

Everyone gets so excited to publish their FaceBook Fan Page! Don't be discouraged by how slow the "Likes" show up. Try to limit your posts, you don't want to annoy your friends before they see how awesome Origami Owl is. Remember they are your potential Customer, Hostess or even Team Mate!! You don't want to lose your audience right away.

Please Please, check out the social media portion of the Policies & Procedures in the Business Materials Section of your Back Office Resources before activating your page.

I have some great tips and tricks to help your page, but that is a whole other...NEWSLETTER!!!

Expand Your Horizons

These are just the tip of the iceberg, look into local events as well.

Basically...ALWAYS Be Prepared to Hand Out Your Catalog or Card!!

Don't Have A Hostess for Your Launch?

Well that is perfect for...YOU!!! Host it yourself and earn some free stuff for you and your business!! You can't get it cheaper. Always refer back to your 100 list for people to invite.

Have your calendar handy!!

More on Hostess Coaching and Jewelry Bars to come!!