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September/October 2015 Edition

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Table of Contents


New Computers

  • Missing Software, Board Materials and the R Drive
  • Printing
  • WebPrint

Tech Tips

  • Advanced Search Builder in PubMed
  • Chat Reference


Archives Display: Celebrating the Palmers

We finally have new computers in most of the library. There are still a few old ones which we're keeping around just for a bit so you can still have access to everything you need (see below), but eventually those will be replaced as well. I'd like to thank Nick, Chu and Aric for all their hard work.

If you find yourself at home and need assistance, please feel free to use our chat feature when available. Or email us. Or come up to the front desk and ask our helpful student workers and night staff. Or ask for Krista, Anne or Susan. We're librarians and we like questions.

New Computers in the library!

The new library computers have arrived. Currently, the main bank of computers in front of the information desk and the rows near the printers have been updated. Hopefully, by the time this newsletter goes out, the library classroom will be all new as well.

We still have some old computers in the back of the library that will eventually be replaced. They are still here so you can access things you need, such as the R: drive, or run programs that haven't yet been uploaded to the new computers.

Thanks to Nick, Chu and Aric in IT for all their work.

Losing/Adding Software

The new computers are more protected so they will run faster without things being uploaded/downloaded onto them all the time. They are relatively clean of bloated software.

However, this might mean that there is software you need that isn't on them yet. Here's where you can find the following software or access:

R: Drive

AOM students need to sign up for clinical observation on the R: drive. At this moment, you can find that on computer 27. It's an old computer in the back of the library with a white keyboard.

Boards Materials

You are able to run selected boards materials on new computers 20-23.

Anything else missing you need? Please let IT ( or the library know. We'll need to know the software and, if it's something you're trying to download for a course, the class, the professor, the activity and/or the specific software.

Web Printing

Printing from the web is now possible again so you can print from your personal computers.

Please go to:

Enter in your papercut information (username and the username is typically your student ID)

Select "Web Print" in the left hand column and then "submit a job"

Choose a printer

Tell how many copies you'd like

Then upload your document (file types accepted are listed)

If you have a unique file type not listed or if you need to customize your print job in any way (printing a brochure or need it printed one-sided), you will need to print from a library computer.

Chat with or text your librarian

Did you know that there is something called library anxiety? There are some people for whom what happened in the Ghostbusters clips is a real fear. We feel we are a welcoming bunch but if you'd feel more comfortable not asking a question in person, the library now has chat and texting available for any questions you have.

Look for the green "Chat Now" button on the library's main page to see if a librarian is available. (If they are not, feel free to e-mail us!)

Or, in Moodle, use the chat box at the top of the "Library Information" Moodle page. You all have access to it. Find it in the sidebar on the left next to your other classes.

You can also text us at 651-504-1542

PubMed Tutorials

Some of you have requested Advanced PubMed training to build on the training you get in Clinical Reasoning I, the AOM EIP library session, and the Massage EIP course.

In the "Library Information" Moodle "course", there is an "Advanced PubMed" page in the module on PubMed. More and more tutorials will be added there on how to optimize your advanced PubMed search but here is what we have so far. Learn how to use the "Advanced Search Builder" to do a general search, search a specific journal or search by author.

There are some tips and tricks available as well on how to organize your search results.

Points for Profit

By Honora Wolfe, Eric Strand and Marilyn Allen

This popular acupuncture book is available through our "e-books" collection. (Click on the link if you're on campus or go through our databases page/e-book collection and search for "Points for Profit" if you're off campus.)

This textbook is a comprehensive description of how to set up a successful acupuncture practice. You can access it in print and online.


By Tiffany Field

One thing all of our professional programs have in common is touch. This book explores the importance of touch and reports research on how therapeutic touch can be when it comes to treating a myriad of diseases.

You can find it here if on campus or search for it via our e-book collection (link on databases page) from off campus.

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Meet the Palmers!

Come and see the new exhibit in the library’s display case! This trimester we honor D.D. Palmer and his son, B.J., who are the developers of chiropractic. Our archives collection has more items relating to those two men and to the Palmer family in general; this is just a sampling.

Included is a photocopy of a letter written by Mrs. D.D. Palmer II to former NWHSU president John Allenburg, which tells of a Palmer family story about D.D. and B.J. in the early years of chiropractic. The letter is somewhat hard to read, but a transcription is provided.

These items are available for use from our archives.

-Corinne Florin, former NWHSU Archivist

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