Foley Artists

The Sound Designers Of Life

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What are the activities Foley Artists perform?

Everything in life makes a sound and it is the job of the foley artist to fill in the sounds that are associated with actions happening on the screen. They have access to many props in order to do this. They watch the movie and duplicate every action life in the foley studio. They also create brand new sounds for animated characters; they have to use their imagination to decide what each action should sound like and how to make it.
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What trade school/college can I attend to pursue this career?

While there are no specific educational requirements, an education in audio production and recording arts can give you the technical expertise you need. A course in film production can also help by teaching you about the post-production process. Most Foley artists pick up the necessary skills under a supervisor and use creative thinking in order to figure out the best way to recreate a sound.
Learning the Art of Sound Design Is Harder Than You Think

The creation

Jack Donovan Foley is the father of motion picture sound effects. Though he never received a screen credit for his work, Foley invented many of the techniques for creating (or re-creating) sound effects for film, television, and radio. During the filming of Spartacus (1960), Stanley Kubrick wanted to reshoot a scene of the massive Roman army to get the sound of their metal shields and swords clashing just right; Foley jingled a set of keys in front of a microphone and called it a day. The pioneer has since been vindicated, as every Foley artist working in film, TV, and video games bears his name.

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