Soil Sampling

How do you take a soil sample

What is soil testing

The purpose of taking soil samples to be sent to regular state laboratories is to determine the need for lime,nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium.

Why should a homeowner perform soil testing?

Soil tests are the best way of getting an x-ray view into the composition of soil.

what information does a soil test give you?

The result of a soil test helps you manage the mineral nutrition of your growing plants

How do you correctly perform a soil test in your yard?

Get soil sample information sheets and cartons from your local extension agency. Clean tools and containers.Take one composite sample from each uniform area. Take 10 to 15 small slices from the large uniform area. Take core of slices about 4 deep for lawns and 6 deep fields. Mix the cores or slices together in a clean bucket and take a sample of about one pint to represent the area sampled. Complete the sample information sheet and carton information. Draw a map and keep a record of where you sampled and sampled numbers. Include the information sheet with carton of soil sample and mail or take to appropriate testing laboratory. Avoid unusual areas unless you want to get a sample of the unusual area only so that it can be treated. Place soil samples information sheet, send the box and information to Agronomic Division Soil Test Lab in Raleigh for a free soil test.

Where do you send the test for analyzing

Agronomic Division Soil Test Lab.

How much it cost?

In North Carolina soil testing is free

How long will it take?

The result will take about 2 weeks.