Interview Project: Alexander Garin

By: Lilah Knopov

Moving From Russia to Canada

On April 4, 1996, Alexander moved from Moscow, Russia to Calgary, Alberta. He came here because of the wishes of his wife. Alexander was looking for new job opportunities and a different lifestyle.

Being a lover of the outdoors, he was amazed at the gorgeous mountains views that Canada had to offer.

Setteling In

At the begging it was hard for Alexander to find a job because his English was not good, and he lacked the North Amerian experience. His first job in Canada was a newspaper delivery. On his spare time, he was learning how to be a programmer and then finally got a job at a company called IHS.


Alexander said that he misses the cultural life in Europe: theater, museums, exhibitions, historic buildings, etc...

He mentioned that life in Canada is more expensive than in Europe and that the educational system is different than in Russia. "We had shorter school hours, but they were more intensive."

Today Time

Alexander is living in Calgary for 19 years with wife and three kids. He is currently working as a Software Developer at Pason Sytems. Alexander has grown accustomed to a lifestyle in today's Canada. He loves Calgary and is not planning to move in the near future