Noticing Zero

Description of Zero

Characters appearance

Zero is a character in the novel Holes.He is small,skinny,poor,has dark curly white hair,african child

What others say about the character

Pg. 37 Zero is one weird dude said zigzag,Pg.19 Zero has nothing inside him.Pg.50 Xray says to caveman, your up here know.

What the character says

Pg. 37 your finished said stanely Zero said nothing,Pg. 37 Zero pulled himself to the surface he didnt even smile he looked at the perfectely dugged up hole then spat,Pg. 46 Stanely was writing to his mother and zero was behind him and stanely said, I just dont wont her to worry about me zero said nothing.

The characters actions

Pg.19 When mr.pendenski playfully shakes Zero's shoulder Zero says nothing,Pg. 26 Stanely glanced at zero about fifteen feet away who scooped out a shovelful of dirt and dumped it on a pile that was already almost a foot tall,Pg.32 Zero's always at the rear of the line,Pg. 37 Your finished said stanely zero said nothing.