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What employee's are looking for

Specific skills: These would be skills that you would need to go off and need to learn. Like if you needed a certain qualification for a job like if you need a level 3 in hardware engineering. This could also be that you need to be able to do certain things like be able to run fast as an athlete.

General Attributes:These are skills like health and safety knowledge and technical skills. They are just skills that the interviewer will expect you to have some basic knowledge of or know about.You may also need some technical knowledge, so you would need to know about basic computer skills as it really helps your chances as more jobs are needing basic computer skills.

Attitudes:You will obviously need to be a hard worker as if you are not you wont go far in any job. You will need to be open to the idea of teamwork in some jobs but not need to rely on it so you will also need to be independent. You will also need confidence and motivation to be able to get trough the day on your own. It would be good to be able to lead a team on a project as well if it was asked of you.


General Communication Skills: Communication is a very important part of the working world as it is sued to communicate with customers and other workers. One way in which it could be effective is if you used it to stay in contact with customers and make a healthy relation ship with your customers for your company.You can also use the internet to ask questions to any one your company can be affiliated with and learn from them.

Interpersonal Skills: This would be knowing how to talk to people properly like manners and such it is also knowing things like sigh language and lip reading. Knowing who to be polite when you are talking to someone will help you all the way trough life as if you are in an interview it will make a good first impression.Another good skill to have is to know sign language and lip reading as if you need to talk to someone who has issues speaking you can still communicate with them which will look really good on your CV.

Communication in Writing: This section will be about different type and ways of communication using writing. Some examples of ways of communicating involve emails which is where you send a message over internet. And also things like fax where you send a message to someone and it gets printed out on there machine. There are also some ways of communicating with things other than words such as emoticons pictures. When you are communicating with people you will also need to make sure that your spelling and grammar as it will make you look smarter in the eyes of the person your talking too

Barriers of effective communication

Background Noise : This is a big problem when you are trying to talk to someone as if there is something really loud going on in the background you might now be able to hear the conversation and it could distract you or the person you are talking to which would seem rude

Distractions: This can break a conversation as if you get distracted by something and forget what you are saying then it will come across as very rude and make you look silly in front of the person you are talking to

Physical Barriers: This would be issues like if the person is mute then you couldn't talk to the person properly a way around this would be learning hand signs. Another physical barrier could be if the person was blind as it would make a conversation more difficult

Location:This could be if you are in a place where you are not allowed to talk like in the middle of a presentation by someone else or if you are in a library and such. This could also be if someone doesn't live near you which could make it very difficult to talk to others

Lack of concentration: This could be caused if you are really not up to work o if you are just lazy. This can make it hard to keep a conversation when it looks like the other person doesn't care.