"Social Media is a Waste of Time"

Fact or Myth? Find out how this myth can harm your business!

Social Media Networking

It's pretty safe to say that almost everyone in America is familiar with social media networking. It has become a big part of our culture. It is used for things like entertainment, sharing ideas, and reuniting with old friends and distant family members. Although these social media sites are 75% used by the youth, it doesn't mean it's only for the youth and a waste of time. It's used for much more than entertainment.

"Social Media is a waste of time" Fact or Myth?

This statement is in fact a myth

True enough, with social media being one of the biggest distractions today, it may seem pointless and a waste of time. But this not entirely true! When using the social media for broadcasting and informing, it is the easiest and quickest way to get information out to the world.

How can this myth harm businesses?

For entrepreneurs, believing this myth can definetely harm your business. Social media is the quickest way of advertisement. Think about it. 75% of Americans are on the Internet using twitter and Facebook more than they would watch the news. With that being said, if it's on the social media it will definitely capture the attention of others. Let's be real here, no one hardly ever reads the newspaper or watch the news anymore. Eight times out of ten, hardly any one would be aware of what's going on if it wasn't a trending topic on twitter. This is an entreprenuer's biggest opportunity for advertisement and broadcasting. What if your business was the next step into finding the cure for cancer. Or, what if your business presented the next big electronic on the market. No one would ever know about it because you believe that social media is a waste of time. Never think that your customers won't have the time for it because you personally don't. You can't expect your soon to be customers to find out about your business out of the blue. You have to take the time to get it out there and known. Your business won't be very successful if people aren't aware of it. This myth can and will be the biggest downfall of any company.