Teens Vs. Parents

Are teens more addicted to their phones than parents ?


Most teens are addicted to their phones for many reasons.

Everyone knows that why teens mostly go to their phone is because they have nothing to do and they're bored. Then what happens is they get used to having the access of their phone at all times, it starts becoming something they get used to because they know they can use their phone at anytime needed.


On the other hand, adults are also starting to get more and more attached to their phones, or should I say parents ? It has been seen that a teen will try and try to get the attention of the parent while the parent is too busy on their phone. Because of parents being glued to their phones it has affected the teens with anger because of less attention that is given to them.

Teens ARE more addicted to their phones than adults.

Teens for many reasons could be said they're addicted to their phones. Also more addicted then their own parents. Teens have that more connection with social media and of course they have more free time than adults do.
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