Disaster Season

by: Alannah Guenther


It was middle of winter and a blizzard has happened everyday. One day, the pipes froze and no one could get gas. One one could go to work, nothing was open and everyone was running out of food really fast. One day Mike came to the rescue. What do you think he did for his neighbors? I guess you got to read and find out what.

About me!

My name is Alannah Guenther. I live in a little small town called West Union in the state of Iowa. I'm a senior at North Fayette High School. I live with my Grandmother and Uncle. I have one amazing cat named smokey! My activities I love to do is to go camping, hiking and fishing. Basically anything that is involved in nature. I love to be outside. I'm never inside more then 2 hours unless I'm sleeping of course. I love to be with my friends. I'm very outgoing and have a fun personality. i stand my grounds and don't take no for an answer. I work at a bar in town. Been there for about 2 years now. I love every minute of it (most of the time) and I meet new people everyday.