My Internship Experience

By: Bethany Testerman

The internship was mostly: Task oriented or Observation or a combination of the two

This internship compromised of a combination of both. Mr. Flippin started out by letting me do a lot of observation. Eventually I was trusted with tasks, and other small things. I really enjoyed being able to observe his case work, it gave me helpful insight about the profession. I especially liked being able to shadow him at the court house.

What specific courses have you taken in high school that helped you during your internship? Explain thoroughly.

I have taken four law courses to prepare me for this internship. The first two classes I took were Criminology and Juvenile Justice, and the next two classes I took were Court Procedures & Evidence and Constitutional Law. I really enjoyed taking those college classes so I knew I'd be choosing an internship in the law field. At the moment I am also in Business Law which has had a lot of relevant material relating to my internship.

Would you recommend this internship site for future interns? Why or why not?

I would most certainly recommend this internship for anyone who is interested in the law field. Sheila and Mr. Flippin are incredibly nice and helpful people. They gave me a bunch of insight about this field. There were many things to learn too during my time there as an intern. It was an enjoyable experience and I hope that any future interns have a great experience too.

Have your academic and career goals changed? Explain why or why not.

My academic and career goals have actually solidified since taking this internship. I really enjoy the law field, and I got first hand experience of the daily work Mr. Flippin went through. This internship was in the bankruptcy field of law, which is opposite of what I want to go to law school for so I got to learn about this type too.

What technology (computers, machines, equipment, etc.) were you exposed to during the internship?

What was surprising about this internship was that Mr. Flippin was a paperless lawyer. Which in turn for me meant I got exposed to a lot of applications and stuff on the computer. He didn't like having all the cases and information in paper, so he used a lot of technology. He also always takes his tablet with him to court instead of carrying files.