Summer Reading 2014

Alexander Turri

Where Men Win Glory by Jon Krakauer

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Pat Tillman: Character analysis

Where Men Win Glory shows the vast variety of Pat Tillman's skills and attributes that made him great. Pat was a strong will, brave, strong, intellectual, and many other vaulable traits, the valuable traits that make him such an icon today.All of these trais especcially bravery are shown in hiss decesion to leave the National Football League to join the army. In the NFL, Pat was a rising star contiuously shocking the world with his incredible play with the arazona cardinals. It was after the 2001-2002 season, 9/11 occurred, fueling Pat's emotins. He decided it was his duty to protect his nation so he joined the Army. A huge decision, Pat was leaving behind an outstanding football career including a new 3.6 Million dollar three year contract. Not only was Pat's daring and high risk lifestyle shown in his transition from the NFL to the Army, it was also shown in what he did at home when he had time to himself. Pat grew up in nature, always outdoors growing up in New Almaden, California. He always found the urge to be doing someting active when he wasn't playing football. He was able to build up his body and muscle tone due tothe outrageous things he would do. He wpould jump off cliffs, climbe many things and just do active things most people wouldnt do due to risk of injury. Pat was also a sensitive and caring person. This can be shown in his journal where write about what he did on the daily. In the journal entries, ypou could see Pat's deep feelings and emotions for such things as his family, football life and time in the army. Pat was also intellectually advanced and a bright human being. Evidence of this is when he ws in college. Pat enjoyed talking politics with other students, although being a legend on campus he enjoyed h times of talk about things other then football. Throughout college he received a high GPA. This was substantial for counter thought of the idea that football players were incapable of being smart.
Pat Tillman Highlights

The Development of Pat's Story

The book Where Men Win Glory, contaisn a lot of story development. The theme of a story helps create a strong sotry and further its development. One major theme is " beat to the beat of your own drum, do what your heart desires. Pat making the ultimate decision to leave the NFL for the Army, is a major example of this theme of develpoing the story.This is able to develop the story because Pat uprooted his life and made a huge transition from playing in the NFL, to joining the Army and becoming a soldier. He gave up all the money, cars houses and women to serve and proetect the country he called home. Also, another this theme developing the story isPat's choice to get married. Ths is major for development because even though he knew he was inlisting he decided to get maarried anyway with risk of his new wife to beome a widow. This shows the troubles, challenges and harships of a long distance relationship. Setting also helpes develop a story line especially here. The setting of his in New Almaden is a major start of for the beginning of the story development. This setting helps us learn all about Pat and the way he lived. It brings us through his hometown and shows us his story and the way he was. Afghanistan is another setting that develops the story. Showing all of the harships of an army life, also showing a different side of Pat.
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Final Review

Where Men Win Glory by Jon Krakauer is overall an outstanding book to read. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone and everyone. Krakauer does an otstanding job on this book, showing you both sides of Tillman's life captivating you nd wanting you to read more. It is able to show you the terror of war and the life of a great man taken by it. This book teaches lessons and shows life seen through the eyes of others with its great theme.
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Remembering Pat Tillman