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September 8

*SPIRIT DAY - Hunt Down the Wolves (Camo Day)*

7:30pm - Varsity Football vs. Timber Creek @ Keller ISD Stadium

September 9

5pm - JV 2 Volleyball vs. Bishop Lynch @ Bishop Lynch HS

5:30 & 6:30pm - FA, FB, JV1, Varsity Volleyball vs. Euless Trinity @ Trinity Christian Academy

Why Girls Go To The Restroom Together

Have you ever noticed that girls don't do much of anything without their posse? Even going to the restroom is sometimes a big production. Are girls scurrying off to a party, ordering a pizza, or is there a secret door to Narnia?? You have probably witnessed this scene, or possibly, you have been a part of this group of girls. The point is you've seen it happen, I'm sorry girls, but our secret is out. These are our real reasons why girls go to the restrooms in mass.


Yes, gossiping and telling secrets is rude. We can't help it, it's in our blood to talk about other people. Famous or not. Example how I'm so upset Ashton Irwin cut his hair. The bathroom is a perfect secluded place to gossip as it’s usually quiet.

Touch Ups

Being a girl you have to look good at all times, whether we're checking our hair, clothes, or makeup. We must stay looking sharp, so we gather with our friends who tell us if we look great or need a little fix.

Guy Talk

Girls are always keeping their eyes out for cute guys. In the restroom, we are able to more freely because it's the one place guaranteed that guys aren't around. Talking in the hallway is risky as the cute guy’s best friend could be right behind you and blab what was overheard.

"It's more than just a bathroom break. It's to mingle." -VR

Pep Talk

Usually we can tell when our friends are upset. If our friend is having a bad day or tragic events happen, we can drag them to the restroom and give them a pep talk. If tears are being shed, we have tissues… well toilet paper. Once the crisis is resolved, it's easy to freshen up and rejoin the public.

Fear of Missing Out

This one is very straightforward and very true. We don't want to miss out on anything. Something awesome could happen while you’re gone and all your friends would be talking about it with you feeling left out. You don’t want that to happen. If no one comes with, we'll be lonely. When we say “we need to go to the restroom” it means “come with me, I don't want to be alone.”

Murder? Bugs? Ex-Best Friend? (unlikely, but possible)

We don’t want to by ourselves because there is a possibility that we could run into a situation. If there is a killer, one of our friends could call the police or be a witness if there happens to be death. Spiders could be waiting for you in the sink, and with your friends you can strategize a plan to kill it. Most likely though, you and your friends will be running away already. In the restroom, you could run into an ex-best friend that you never wanted to see again. Your restroom buddies can save you from an awkward situation.

Well, there you have it, secrets of girl group restroom visits revealed. The next time you see a herd of girls trotting off to the restroom, know that some kind of "secret party" is not happening without you.

"Safety in numbers" -AS

Written By: Jackie Glotta and Lauren Erickson