Water Usage And Conservation

By: K. Son , B. Sherman, J. Cohen, and S. Sambito

Water Usage

The question of how much water people use per day varies but it is about 80-100 gallons per day per person. That's alot of water. To complete a simple daily task like taking a shower, you use about 2-2.5 gallons of water per minute and 4 gallons a minute for older shower heads. And flushing a toilet uses about 3 gallons for older models and 1.2-1.6 gallons for new toilets. In the year of 2010 alone,california used about 38 billion gallons of water per day. California is currently in a drought. To see more about how to conserve water, look at the conservation paragraph and to learn about the drought look at the pictures and the interesting facts paragraph

Water conservation practices

Most of us in the south west region haven't had to think about water very much.We turn on the tap, and out it comes, clean and cheap.that has changed.One way You can help is to use tap water which have new technology to help save water.It also helps to update you're plumbing.If you advertize the water saving tectnology it will help our invirement.If we have a limit on how much water each person could use that could help.One other reason is that people care so much about their plants, that they over water them.Everybody should know that southwestern unnited states are in a serous drought so it could help to educate