Zebra & Letters To A Young Artist

By: Anna Deavere smith / by: Chaim Potok


A person does need empathy to creat a good art.

2 points to prove your thesis

1) Artist need to use their heart when creating great art.

2) If artist are empathetic they have more imagination in what they creat.


1) Well I believe that fundamental to becoming an artist is understanding the position of an artist ( smith page 123).

2)"Empathy requires more intellectual developed imagination ( Potok page 124).

Explain the evidence

This shows: this is showing that people that are really good at art are putting a lot of work in to they work.

This proves: this proves that artist need empathy in there work.

Explain the evidence

This shows: That artist are creative and they draw what they imagin in there head.

This proves: That artist can draw anything becuase they have empathy.

Acknowledge and counterclaim

Even if someone does not have empathy they can still create meaningful art.


If someone is a good artist they can still have good art and they can draw anything.


Someone need empathy to make good art. Some artist imagin and create on there own because they are creative and smart. So artist need empathy to create good art.