Ana Aviles Review

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Tumblebooks Tutorial

Benefits/Strengths of Tumblebooks

  1. Books are very interactive in that the illustrations move along with the story line and there are awesome audio sounds! There are also a variety of books and you can sort it by subject.

  2. Books and quiz questions can be read aloud. There is also an option for a shorter quiz that tells students what questions they got wrong with the correct answers and students are allowed to retake them.

  3. When reading the book, there are no ways to go back or other options, so the

student is forced to read the books and keep their concentration on it.

4. Stories could be added to playlists. favorites, and the book report is pretty

nifty because it has questions that could/should be in a book report

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Classroom Integration

I would use it during free time and depending on the grade level, I would have elementary students read it for the reading section and take the quizzes in class and book reports during as school break or on the weekend. In higher grade levels, I think this would just work for an English class, especially the book reports.
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I am not sure what the "help" or "manual" buttons when reading the book are for; they don’t seem to do anything.