Technology At Lineville

By: Abbey Beranek


In this unit we made a movie on an app called iMovie, about anything we wanted to! iMovie is an app that you add pictures, music, media ,ect. to create a small movie or trailer. iMovie has different backgrounds for your movie. There are different backgrounds to help set the mood for your iTrailer. iMovie is for any age so get creative! My iTrailer was about my family and I in Orlando, Florida! I personally thought this unit was fun and imaginative.

Explain Everything

For this assignment we had to choose a math problem to solve on an app called Explain Everything. Explain Everything allows you to type, add media, record, and much more! We solved the problem using more than one slide. To finish off the project we recorded ourselves explaining the problem in more detail. This was a small project so it took very little time to accomplish but overall I thought it was a simple and good project! Also since it was a small project and we had a whole week to finish it I didn't stress about it at all!

Haiku Deck

For this unit we picked a career from career locker and made a presentation on Haiku Deck about it. Career locker is a website for kids to find an occupation that would fit their passion. Haiku Deck is a presentation software that can be used for any project! In our presentation we included what our occupation is, interesting facts, educational path, salary, and much more! This project took many class periods to finish. Mostly because on the first day mine deleted so it was a bit stressful. But overall it turned out nice and beautiful! My dream job is a Pediatrician! I want to be a Pediatrician because they are helping kids everyday! So this was a intriguing project because it gives kids like me a chance to find a career and learn about it!

Coding is a website that allows anyone to learn to program video games. Each lesson teaches you another step to coding. You learn something new every lesson! There are also videos to show you the proper way to program it. Each lesson gets harder and harder as you go. Coding can benefit young children to eventually take a job as a video game designer! Plus this job is going to be a great job in the future because this job is becoming more popular by the minute and has many job openings! Sometimes coding gets tough but it is so tempting to keep trying! That is what makes coding awesome! I personally enjoy it when we are allowed to code!

Career Locker

Career Locker is a website that allows kids to explore jobs to find the right one for them! It also shows colleges and all the information that you need to know about those colleges! Such as sports they offer, how much it costs,etc. Your teacher can also assign survey's and quizzes to find jobs that fit your personality! Although the website is like no other website I thought it wasn't the best because I didn't agree with most of the test results.

Learn to Type/Typing Web

This website you probably already guessed is a website that practices your typing skills. Typing Web has different courses or levels of typing. The fist course is the beginner course. If you are just starting typing or you are rookie this is the best place to start. Next is the intermediate course. This course is fairly easy but it is still best to go through the courses in order. After that comes the advanced course. This course is meant to be pretty hard, but if you have enough experience you will be fine. Last but not least is the practice course. This course pretty much wraps up your typing skills. It kind of reviews what you practiced in the other courses. I feel like this website really improved my typing so I liked this app a lot! I think this typing app is one of the best because before using this website I always typed with only two fingers! But this app has really helped me! So I would recommend it to anyone who wants to type correctly!