We've Gotta a Whole Latte Going On

Holidays and Growing Pains

As if the Holiday Season isn't busy enough, we have some added growing pains. We appreciate all you do to help us work through them, especially while working away from your loved ones on the holidays. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your hard work and dedication to our unit and our patients. While we are growing and becoming an even better facility for our community and staff, you are going to be hearing the word FAILSAFE a bunch! This is a Memorial Hermann System's Initiative to ensure 100% staff compliance and education on any and all new equipment to be able to provide safest and best practices. Please make every effort to make any in-services that are related our FAILSAFE program. If you have any conflicts, please let us know ASAP so we can best accommodate everyone.


We still have a few people left needing to finish this quarter's APS/GNOSIS Modules. These need to be finished by December 31. These are mandatory and also give you FREE CEU's plus you can get paid for any time spent on them. Check your Dashboard to make sure that Modules 46-48 & EFM 1-4 are completed. Starting in January, we will have a new incentive for getting these done! STAY TUNED!!!

STS Times

Please be sure to chart your baby's skin-to-skin on AND off times in the correct column. We are still getting audited on this and it is imperative for this information to be complete and correctly charted.
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