Jacob co. fed usa

located in Montgomery,Alabama off us highway 11

your local government

i founded this company in 2002 to help make this state a unique place to be and with all the support my fellow Alabamians have given us thank you for making this and me your Alabama government. we are gonna give the people what they want and laws and restrictions shall be the same by law we will do everything right and honor you for living in this wonderful and state we are a TRADITIONAL economy with a population of 15,000 people our type of government is monarchy with English speaking self professionals that are here for you , thank you my fellow Alabamians!

our national animal

we specialize in trading good weapons donating homes to the need saying no to homelessness getting people off the streets

Incorporated trades by the following 3 gov member's . member of the U.N

gov. nook

Richardson . gov co

Sanchez gov. as a gov we recommend these basic 10 laws

1 wildlife


3 gun laws

4 public safety

5 hunger

6 state laws, etc

7 minimum wages

8 education

9 state taxes

10 medical care throughout the state

big 3 events now

hunger and taxes people want their money

gun laws people of Alabama afraid of their guns being taking away

work laws and pay hour wages

contact us at www.jacob.co gov.com thank you !!