Mercury Mission

By:Brock Brodzin

Mercury gets hit by asteroids usual by the suns huge gravitational pull. you tube vid you tube vid

John Glenn

Gus Grissom

Alan Shepard

Gordon Cooper

Scott Carpenter

I will shoow yopu there pics on my docs.
These are the astronauts that did the orbit around mecury.

People will still study mercury in the future for planetary research. People think that there are aliens on mercury but again people think lots of stuff. We often thought that mercury has a strong gravitational pull, BUT we discovered that the SUN Is the main source of the gravitational pull and mercury is a tiny part of it.

Started: 1959

Completed: 1963

First flight: August 21, 1959Last flight: May 15, 1963

Missions: Mercury-Atlas 6, Mercury-Redstone 3, Mercury-Redstone 4, Mercury-Atlas 9, Mercury-Atlas 7, Mercury-Atlas 8, Mercury-Redstone 2, Mercury-Redstone 1, Mercury-Atlas 5, Mercury-Atlas 1, Little Joe 2, Mercury-Atlas 3, Mercury-Atlas 4, Mercury-Redstone 1A, Mercury-Atlas 2, Little Joe 1B, Little Joe 1, Big Joe 1, Mercury-Redstone BD, Little Joe 1A, Little Joe 6, Little Joe 5A, Little Joe 5, Little Joe 5B, Beach Abort, Mercury-Scout 1 Mission

This is mecurys un explained density that is what it said.