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Streams,rivers,wetlands and lakes are home for many small animals called macro-invertebrates.They include, insects, crustacents, molluclues, arachnids and annelids. The term Macro-invertebrates describes those animals that have no backbone and can be quite large,such as freshwater crayfish, however most are very small.The macro-invertebrates nick name is macro.

How to collect macro-invertebrates

  • sample all habits: pool, riffle, run/glide
  • D-frame nets and kick nets
  • collect a total of 50-100 individuals
  • identify and count numbers of each type
  • complet data form
Field Survey of Macroinvertebrates in the Susquehanna River Basin

How to catch your own macros

When we first saw macros we were grossed out because the macros are a little gross looking. If you wanted to you could go to a local stream and catch some of your own all you need is a D-frame or a kick net. First you go in the water and place the net in holding the end of one side of it, then you start moving your feet side to side or front to back, then after about a minute doing that you go on the dry land and look at everything you brought. If your smart you can print of a macro-invertebrate graph that shows all the types of macro-invertebrates and bring it with you for you can know what macros you caught. And if your lucky you might just catch a small fish. Good luck on your findings.