Two Girls Stab Friend 19 Times!

Only a Millemeter Away From Her Death!

Slender Man takes a toll!

"How will she ever learn to trust people again?" My mom Dawn Kraus asks in disbeliefe. Video games really take a toll on people,slender man however seems to be the worst! two twelve year old girls were so into slenderman that they were a millemeter away from killing twelve year old payton leutner. Cruel ruthless people live in our world...

payton leutner stabbed by two close friends inspired by slender man

Almost gone...

Payton was stabbed nineteen times by two friends in a wooded park. One came way to close to (almost) killing her. The last stab was a millemeter away from her heart... she knew she had to get out of the woods if she wanted to live. She was found by a byclist after she crawled out of the woods. "Poor payton, was a milimeter away from dieing" news reporter Rachel Abel said shaking her head.

Extra facts

"Fantasy when you are 12 is still an active part of your imagination" payton's mom says. The girls believed to many horrible and rediculous things that the had mental health treatment!

  1. one of the girls believed she could hear:
  2. unicorns
  3. slender man
  4. voldemort!
the other girl will be tested soon.

How were the attackers charged?

The attackers were charged as adults with first degree homoside.

The attackers felt strongly that this was right! That was wrong and long after they attacked they realized it was wrong

Slender Man and the girls

The girls were caught while walking into the wooded thicket where the girl payton did not know thaught that slender man lived.

Slender Man and payton...

Her visit to her friends house often scared her, for all of the posters of slender man and voldemort scared her so badly that, the night before she went over and was attacked she even asked her mom about slender Man "I told her not to worry about it and that it was just a video game. I under estimated those girls" payton's mom informs the fdl reporter

Her visit...

According to the fdl reporter Paytons friends loured payton into the woods by asking to play a game of hide and seek. They were located in a wooded park so it was easy for them to hide the attack. After stabbing her nineteen times they finally left.

The emergency room

paytons mom sobbed as the nurses counted her wounds. when they told her mom that one wound was nearly her death, her mom said these words: every thing will be ok...